The Most Dangerous Roads in Arizona 

August 10, 2023 | By Impact Legal Car Accident Attorneys
The Most Dangerous Roads in Arizona 

Arizona is one of the most scenic states in America. While beautiful, its roads can be incredibly dangerous. According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), 910 fatal motor vehicle accidents occur on average every year in Arizona. Last week, Channel 12 reported that a total of 943 people have died on Arizona roads this year. Arizona motor vehicle crash data from the department of transportation shows that deaths have gradually increased every year in the state. In this article, we'll discuss the roads on which the most fatalities in Arizona happen.

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Dangerous Arizona Interstates

The level of traffic on interstates significantly contributes to the number of car accidents that happen. From tourists to commuters and everyone in between, at some point, most people will take an interstate to get from point A to B. The prevalence of big truck accidents on Arizona interstates is particularly dangerous. When big trucks are involved, the potential for fatalities increases. Here are the most dangerous interstates in AZ:

  • Interstate-10: This interstate is the only highway or interstate that made the top ten analysis of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) data recently reported by Channel 12. The other roads were streets in Pheonix (see below).
  • Interstate-17: From Phoenix to Flagstaff, this road has high elevation and can get pretty icy in the winter. 
  • Interstate-19: While I-19 isn't significantly lengthy, it is quite dangerous. In fact, it's been featured as one of the top 40 of America's 100 deadliest roads.
  • Interstate-40: 359 miles of this lengthy thoroughfare that connects California to North Carolina is located in Arizona. Incidentally, I-40 is among the most dangerous roadways in each state that it crosses. 

Dangerous Highways in Arizona

Highways in Arizona can be equally as dangerous as the interstates. Here are the deadliest highways that cross through the state:

  • US Highway 93: This highway is fairly rural, spanning 200 miles connecting Phoenix and Las Vegas. Because it's rural, excessive speeding is often a cause of crashes on this road. Its isolation also increases the time it takes emergency services to get to accident scenes.
  • State Highway 87 (“Beeline Highway”): This scenic highway is incredibly curvy, making it a difficult drive, especially for larger vehicles, like commercial trucks. Click here for more information about big truck accidents by our commercial truck accident lawyers. 
  • State Route 64: A big problem on Route 64 is high speed mixed with the number of large trucks on the road. The average speed traveled on this road is 80mph. Additionally, many travelers are tourists headed to the Grand Canyon and are unfamiliar with the road and area. 

Other Dangerous Roads in Phoenix, AZ

While Arizona highways and interstates can be significantly dangerous, some of the most dangerous roads in the state are actually streets within Phoenix. The following data was reported by Channel 12 and derived from data gathered by the NHTSA. Here are the most dangerous streets in Phoenix, AZ: 

  1. 43rd Avenue from Lamar Road to McDowell Road
  2. Indian School Road from 53rd Avenue to 91st Avenue
  3. Indian School Road from 40th Avenue to Third Street
  4. McDowell Road from Scottsdale Road to 36th Street
  5. 19th Avenue from Shangri-La Road to Union Hills Drive
  6. Northern Avenue from 19th Avenue to 56th Avenue
  7. Bell Road from 26th Street to 23rd Avenue
  8. Bethany Home Road from 35th Avenue to 12th Place
  9. Thomas Road from 71st Avenue to 37th Avenue

Some common causes of these AZ crashes were speeding, drunk driving, and distracted driving. As reported by Channel 12, speeding contributed to about 31% of deadly accidents on these roads. Drunk driving played a role in 22% of fatal accidents, and distracted driving was a factor in about 10% of the accidents.

Tips for Driving Safely on Arizona Roads

Staying safe on AZ roads means being alert and cautious. Be prepared and pay attention to your surroundings when driving, especially on particularly dangerous roads, like some of the scenic routes in the state. Some tips for staying safe on the roads are:

  1. Don't drink and drive - Alcohol is a leading cause of motor vehicle accidents. Avoid driving under the influence. At worst you may cause someone's death, at best you may walk away with a DWI on your record.  
  2. Drink responsibly - Alcohol is also a large cause of the pedestrian-related accidents discussed above. Make sure you watch your surroundings, especially when crossing the street. 
  3. Don't drive while distracted - Distracted driving causes a large number of crashes each year, including commercial truck accidents. Don't mess with your radio or touch your phone while you're behind the wheel.
  4. Wear your seatbelt - Seatbelts truly save lives. Buckling up could save you a world of pain.
  5. Be aware of your surroundings - This cannot be said enough. While driving, always know what other drivers around you are doing. Watch the roads for potholes, parked vehicles, and wildlife. 
  6. Follow the rules of the road - Laws are in place to keep you safe. Don't use excessive speed, run red lights, ignore stop signs, etc. You have a duty to adhere to the law while behind the wheel, and failure to do so may result in severe legal consequences. 

When to Hire an Accident Lawyer in Arizona

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