What to Do If Your Car Accident Is Preventing You from Returning to Work

Posted by Impact Legal | Nov 05, 2021

You don't expect car accidents or the injuries that result from them. An accident can throw your life off balance, including your employment. With medical bills, car repair expenses, and more, not being able to work can make matters significantly worse. The immense stress you may feel concerning your financial situation can put your healing on the back burner, which is the last thing you want to happen when you're recovering from an accident. 

In this blog, we'll discuss a few options that may be available to you after a car accident that prevents you from returning to work. If you're in this situation, give our injury attorneys a call or text today at (602) 345-1818. You can also submit our contact form, and we will reach back out to you to schedule a free initial consultation to review your legal options.  

When You Can't Work After a Car Accident 

There's no stress like the stress you feel when you have a pile of unpaid bills from your car accident and you're unable to work. If you're currently in this situation, there are likely legal options available to you. Every case is different depending on its specific facts, so it's important to consult an injury lawyer in Arizona or New Mexico to help you understand the best route according to your case. While every accident case is different, generally, these legal remedies exist as a means to make you “whole” again:

  • Lost wages
  • Loss of earning capacity
  • Lost opportunities

Remember that not all expenses from your accident are obvious. You'll want to keep a good record of all of the costs incurred to you as a result of your accident and injuries. Some documentation you'll want to collect includes medical records, medical bills, physical therapy bills, home health expenses, home renovations/maintenance needed as a result of your injury, prescription costs, car repair bills, etc. If the expense is a result of your accident, you'll want to keep it for your records, so you can calculate a total. 

In addition to your monetary expenses, you should also keep your potential non-monetary damages in mind. These damages aren't as easy to calculate, but they can go a long way in helping you recover after an accident. These damages include things like severe physical pain, pain and suffering, emotional trauma, anxiety and depression, etc. Your injury attorney can help you calculate these damages. 

In the Meantime, You May Have These Options to Help

Waiting for a settlement when your bills are piling up is frustrating. There may be other options to help you make ends meet while you're out of work.

  1. Short-term or long-term disability insurance - You may have this through your employer, or you may have purchased it on your own. 
  2. Your own health insurance or health insurance through an employer - Medical bills can still be paid by your health insurance policy when you are awaiting a settlement. 

Remember that you may have to pay your health insurance provider or employer back if they've distributed any money to you while you've been waiting for your settlement to go through. This is known as the subrogation process, and it sometimes applies to employers that have distributed disability, private health insurance companies, and government healthcare (Medicare, Medicaid, etc). 

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