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If you or a loved one were hit while riding a bicycle in Phoenix, you deserve to focus on your recovery.

Let a Phoenix bicycle accident lawyer from Impact Legal Car Accident Attorneys lead your insurance claim or lawsuit. Our team has years of relevant legal experience, and we will do everything in our power to secure the compensation you deserve.

You aren’t alone after your accident. The Impact Legal Car Accident Attorneys team will take your case off your hands and support you during this trying time. We want you to get the financial justice you deserve.

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Why Hire Your Phoenix Bicycle Accident Lawyer from Our Firm?

You shouldn’t simply look to hire just any bicycle accident lawyer.

Our firm strives to provide the best legal service in Phoenix, and you may hire your lawyer from our firm because:

  • Our attorneys care (and it shows): Some law firms gain a client’s trust only to leave them in the dark. Not us. Our attorneys provide attentive legal service throughout every case we handle. You will have a direct line to your lawyer and should expect frequent case updates from your attorney. 
  • We take cases to court: Our legal team has recovered millions of dollars for clients, and many of those recoveries came at trial. We never shy away from trial or advise clients to settle for less compensation than they deserve.
  • We know Phoenix: We maintain an office on N. Cave Creek Road in Phoenix. Our attorneys live and work in Phoenix, representing clients across the city. We know Phoenix’s streets, bike trails, and courts. This familiarity may prove valuable as we fight for your financial recovery.
  • Client service is our bedrock: Our clients are the priority. We will develop a personalized legal strategy for your case. If you ever have questions or concerns about your case, call us anytime. Your satisfaction is non-negotiable, and we will do everything we can to provide the legal service you deserve.
  • We are familiar with bicycle accident cases: There are many bike-able areas of Phoenix, so accidents involving bicyclists are inevitable. Because our firm constantly serves victims of negligence in Phoenix, we have represented our fair share of injured bicyclists. This experience may help your case.

Attorney Jared Pehrson leads a dedicated team of legal professionals. Our entire team will work together to secure the compensation you deserve. Call Impact Legal Car Accident Attorneys today.

Do I Need a Bicycle Accident Lawyer on My Side?

Phoenix Bicycle Accident Lawyer

In our opinion, hiring a lawyer after a bicycle accident is a no-brainer decision. Clients hire our bike accident lawyers in Phoenix because:

Your Health Must Come First

Your insurance claim or lawsuit is critically important. However, your health is just as important. If you don’t allow a lawyer to help with your bicycle accident claim or lawsuit, your time will be divided between your case and your recovery.

Your physical and mental health requires your complete attention. With an attorney from Impact Legal Car Accident Attorneys leading your case, you can focus on your health.

A Lawyer’s Experience Is Beyond Valuable

An attorney’s perspective is rooted in experience. While we are trained in the law and well-versed in legal statutes, our experience allows us to stand out.

Because our bicycle accident attorneys have many years of experience, they:

  • Can use a variety of legal strategies 
  • Understand the challenges that come with bicycle accident cases
  • Are unflappable negotiators and trial lawyers
  • Waste no time in resolving clients’ cases

You should never hire a law firm that lacks the necessary experience. With Impact Legal Car Accident Attorneys leading your case, real-world experience will not be an issue.

You Shouldn’t Have to Sweat Your Case Costs

Our attorneys work for contingency fees.

This is a pro-client fee structure that means:

  • Impact Legal Car Accident Attorneys are responsible for all case-related expenses, including expert fees
  • You pay us no upfront fee
  • We don’t receive an hourly rate or flat fee
  • We only receive payment if we secure a settlement or verdict for you

We take the financial risk associated with your case. We earn our fee by obtaining the compensation you deserve.

A Second Set of Eyes Always Helps After an Accident

Bicycle accident victims are often:

  • Facing sudden, immense uncertainty
  • Suffering from pain and physical injuries
  • Enduring psychological and emotional distress
  • Racked with significant stress and hardship

Without legal training, you might lack attention to detail (understandably so) and make mistakes.

Having an experienced bicycle accident lawyer on your side can only help. Allow our compassionate attorneys to serve as your second set of eyes following your accident.

A Lawyer Can Lead You Through Any Necessary Lawsuit or Trial

Though most civil cases settle, our firm pursues lawsuits on our clients’ behalf. In some cases, lawsuits go to trial.

Your inexperience and lack of legal knowledge may not allow you to handle your own lawsuit or trial. When you hire Impact Legal Car Accident Attorneys, every legal option is on the table (including going to court).

Know the Risks of Handling Your Own Bicycle Accident Claim in Phoenix

Know the Risks of Handling Your Own Bicycle Accident Claim in Phoenix

There are many reasons to hire our firm for your case. There are just as many reasons not to represent yourself.

If you don’t accept the help of a client-focused, capable attorney after a bike accident in Phoenix, you may:

  • Compromise your case: You may not have much (if any) experience with bike accident-related insurance claims. You surely have even less experience with lawsuits. You likely cannot build the type of case you hope for because of your inexperience (and the effects of being injured). 
  • Compromise your physical health: Bike accident victims face a high risk of serious injuries, including but not limited to traumatic brain injuries (TBIs). If you do not make your recovery the top priority, you may worsen your injuries and even develop new ailments. If you handle your own case, your recovery may suffer.
  • Compromise your mental health: You may find yourself in a fragile state after your bicycle accident. Your mental health might diminish due to accident-related stress, and the demands of your case may prove similarly stressful. You may need to let a lawyer handle your case to recover psychologically and emotionally.
  • Regret your decision not to hire a lawyer: Considering the physical, psychological, and financial risks of handling your own case, you may seriously regret not hiring an attorney. If you hire a lawyer, you know you did everything possible to present a successful claim or lawsuit.

Even the most capable individuals only have 24 hours in a day. You likely simply lack the time necessary to handle your case while meeting treatment-related obligations.

You can hire Impact Legal Car Accident Attorneys to handle your case while you oversee your recovery.

Our firm will build your case from start to finish, and our goal will be clear. We aim to secure every dollar you deserve for damages related to your bicycle accident.

Our process when representing bicycle accident victims in Phoenix typically includes:

Securing Evidence from the Bicycle Accident

Evidence will form the key building blocks of your case, and we will not waste a second in gathering such evidence.

We may obtain:

  • Footage from dash cameras, traffic cameras, security cameras, and other sources
  • Eyewitness accounts of your bike accident
  • Expert testimony about who is at fault for the accident
  • The police report from the accident
  • Any other evidence that fits into your case

Our familiarity with Phoenix will be useful during the evidence-gathering process. Our attorneys and investigators will navigate directly to where evidence lies so we can preserve it and use it in your case.

Documenting Our Client’s Damages

Our team will secure all available proof of your damages, which may include:

  • X-rays, brain scans, and other medical images
  • All medical bills related to the bike accident
  • Invoices for the repair or replacement of your bicycle (and other damaged property)
  • Proof of lost income and other professional damages’
  • Doctors’ notes about your injuries and symptoms
  • Expert testimony about pain and suffering, medical conditions, professional losses, and other damages

Our team will gather as much documentation as possible. With a trove of convincing proof of your damages, we may negotiate from a position of strength.

Determining Your Case Value

Your case has a specific value, and it’s our job to identify it. Our settlement demands will include:

Non-economic damages are particularly difficult for the layman to calculate. Our experienced attorneys know how to calculate such damages (like pain and suffering) accurately.

Negotiating a Settlement

Your attorney from Impact Legal Car Accident Attorneys will negotiate for the financial settlement you are entitled to. We may negotiate with insurance companies or civil defense lawyers for those responsible for your accident.

Completing Any Necessary Lawsuit and Trial

Though we often settle for clients, liable parties are not always willing to pay for their negligence (or based on the insurance policies they issue).

If we engage in good-faith negotiations but liable parties don’t cooperate, we will:

  • Discuss the possibility of going to trial with you
  • Guide you through any necessary depositions
  • Complete discovery and other pre-trial obligations
  • Make your case in front of a Phoenix judge and jury

The goal is to obtain all of the compensation you deserve, period. Whether we achieve this goal through a settlement or trial, we will do everything we can to secure fair payment for you.

Damages We Can Seek in a Bike Accident Case

Every client we represent has different injuries, financial losses, and challenges. We view our clients as people with complex damages, but we notice several common damages among bicycle accident victims, including:

Medical Expenses

Bicycle accident victims should get all the medical care they need, which often includes:

  • Emergency medical transport
  • Emergency medical care
  • Medical imaging to diagnose injuries
  • Surgeries
  • Hospital services
  • Rehabilitation services

Our team will identify and value every medical expense related to your bike accident in Phoenix.

Professional Damages

Injured bicyclists often suffer professional disruption that can cause:

  • Lost income
  • Diminished earning power
  • Inability to earn performance bonuses
  • Lost opportunities to earn promotions
  • Lost benefits

If you have these or any other professional damages, your attorney will demand fair compensation from the liable parties.

Pain and Suffering

We will calculate the cost of your pain and suffering, which may include:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
  • Lost quality of life
  • Scarring and disfigurement
  • Physical pain

Though these damages do not have an inherent financial value, our attorneys know how to calculate their costs. We may consult mental health professionals to better understand and value your pain and suffering.

Bike Repairs and Other Property Expenses

You should not have to pay for bike repairs, a new bike, or any other accident-related property costs. If you need temporary transportation, we will also include this cost in your case.

We Will Identify Everyone Who Owes You Compensation

If motorists acted more cautiously, they would prevent most bicycle accidents. Bicycle manufacturers, municipalities, and motor vehicle manufacturers are among other parties who you can hold liable for your damages.

You face a strict deadline under the law for filing your bicycle accident case, so we need to hear from you as soon as possible. There are no financial barriers to hiring our firm, so don’t wait. You have nothing to lose and much to gain by having our firm on your side.

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