Common Insurance Tricks After a Car Accident

August 10, 2023 | By Impact Legal Car Accident Attorneys
Common Insurance Tricks After a Car Accident

Dealing with the insurance company after a car accident can be exhausting. The back-and-forth communication, the amount of requested paperwork, and the overall uncertainty on top of the financial implications you're likely still experiencing – the whole situation is just frustrating. Unfortunately, many victims of car accidents don't know common insurance company tricks that end up hurting them when it's all said and done. In this article, we'll talk about communicating with the insurance company after a wreck and the tricks that are often used to reduce and diminish accident settlements. 

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Insurance Company Secrets Revealed

To understand the typical tricks used by insurance companies, you need to first understand some secrets that they don't want you to know:

  1. The insurance company does not have your best interest at heart - The adjuster may seem nice, but he's working for the business that is the insurance company. As such, he's trying to save his employer as much money as possible. To do so, he'll try to reduce or diminish your settlement as much as possible.
  2. They hope you'll just accept the first offer - The first offer from the insurance company will often be incredibly low. Frequently accident victims are desperate for any relief when it comes to the financial impact an accident can have. When those insurance numbers come in, it's difficult to say no. Insurance companies rely on this desperation, so the first offer likely won't be sufficient to cover many of your accident losses, and they hope you won't notice or care.
  3. The insurance adjuster is looking for evidence against you - The worst part? You may inadvertently provide them with this evidence. They look to twist your words in an effort to prove you aren't really injured and that you don't need a settlement. 
  4. They hope you won't call a lawyer - Claimants who have an attorney on their side often receive much more compensation for their damages, even after attorney fees are calculated. Insurance companies know that when lawyers get involved, they'll have to pay claimants an appropriate settlement. 

Knowing the insurance company's secrets can save your case and overall financial situation. 

How to Know the Insurance Company Is Trying to Trick You

There are several signs to watch out for when dealing with the insurance provider after an accident. Many of the following signs are also signs of bad faith insurance practices. Bad faith insurance happens when an insurer attempts to renege on obligations to its clients either by refusing to pay claims or by unreasonably dragging out the claims process. A bad faith lawyer can help protect you from this by identifying the signs early. 

Attempting to Settle Too Quickly

This may not seem like the worst thing to someone who needs to pay a ton of bills quickly. However, when a settlement comes through too quickly, it likely won't take all expenses into account. The insurance company is hoping you won't notice that. Additionally, settling too early can put you at risk of having medical complications after the settlement. If this happens and you've already settled, you cannot go back and request more money. Settling too quickly can actually cost you a lot of money with no grounds for legal recourse. 

We urge you to consult an accident lawyer before you agree to settle, especially if it's an early, quick-turn settlement offer. Read this blog on why you shouldn't just accept the first offer

Denial of a Legitimate Claim

Another trick that insurance companies play is denying a valid claim entirely. The hope is that you'll give up and accept the denial. If you've been denied, look at the denial letter carefully to determine the reason for it. While the reason could be perfectly reasonable and easily remedied, it could also be a sign of bad faith insurance in which case you need to call an insurance lawyer. Some reasons for a valid claim denial that you can likely easily repair include simple errors and mistakes on the claim form or not providing enough information. 

An insurance lawyer can help you navigate this situation to ensure you're treated fairly and have the best chance to recover from your injuries. 

Taking Entirely Too Long to Settle

Accident claims innately take some time to come to a close. This can be frustrating for clients, but there are many valid reasons why your claim is taking a while to settle. Read about some of those reasons here. However, when the insurance company is dragging out the process, it could be a really bad sign for you. In fact, the delay may be an attempt to make you as desperate as possible so that you'll feel forced to accept a low settlement offer. 

So how do you know if the insurance company is stalling? Here are some signs that you should contact a lawyer immediately:

  • They keep requesting documentation one paper at a time. They should request all necessary documentation at one time. Repeated requests are a common delay tactic. 
  • They instantly deny a perfectly valid claim. This isn't right, and you can take legal action.
  • They are repeatedly requesting unnecessary information and documentation, including intrusive and irrelevant medical records.
  • They keep telling you that they don't yet have a decision.
  • They keep requesting multiple statements from various people, including medical providers and property repair professionals.
  • They are bringing up random laws and telling you what's legal and illegal 
  • They point to complex policy language as an attempt to confuse you.
  •  They switch insurance adjusters in the middle of your claim investigation.
  • They delay the claim investigation entirely. If you hear no news for too long, it may be a sign that the insurance company is stalling. 

Why Hire an Accident Lawyer?

When it comes to communicating and negotiating with the insurance provider, having a lawyer on your side can significantly impact the outcome of your accident settlement for the better. A lawyer will help you in the following ways:

  • Protecting your rights when it comes to common insurance company tricks
  • Identifying and taking quick action when it comes to bad faith insurance practices
  • Communicating and negotiating with the insurance adjuster on your behalf to protect you from inadvertently devaluing your accident claim
  • Negotiating with the insurance company to provide you with the best chance of getting a fair and appropriate settlement that will help you recover and get your life back on track
  • Gathering information and evidence that will help support your claim and protect your settlement
  • Fighting for your right to recover in a courtroom if a fair settlement cannot be reached via negotiations

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