Dirt Bike Accidents in New Mexico

August 10, 2023 | By Impact Legal Car Accident Attorneys
Dirt Bike Accidents in New Mexico

Excitement, freedom, mud, wind, grit, fun, hills. The world of dirt bikes is a high-energy, thrilling one. With all the extra excitement comes more potentially hazardous situations, thus more danger. While many dirt bike injuries are, fortunately, minor, many are severe. From traumatic brain injuries to bone fractures and even wrongful death, an off-road vehicle accident can be extremely serious. When other riders drive recklessly, sponsors don't take necessary precautions for their underage riders, or a rider has neglected general safety measures, there may be potential compensation available to help you recover from your injuries. 

f you’ve been seriously hurt on your bike, call our dirt bike accident lawyers in New Mexico today to understand your legal options. Call or text us at 623-343-6388 today to review the facts of your case in an initial consultation at no cost to you. What Is a Dirt Bike?A dirt bike is a type of off-road motorcycle. While they are similar to motorcycles, they are not the same. Though, dirt bike accidents can cause similar injuries to motorcycle accidents, there are things that make them quite different, including a dirt bike’s overall design. They are made for off-road terrain, so they have suspension and rugged tires to handle dirt, rocks, hills, gravel, and mud. Dirt bikes use advanced suspension systems with hydraulics and spring shocks to absorb jumps on off-road terrain. While the machines are made to go fast on off-road courses, a dirt bike accident can be serious. As such, dirt bike enthusiasts should take dirt bike safety seriously.     Should You Hire a Dirt Bike Accident Lawyer?Because the injuries sustained in a dirt bike accident have the potential to be severe, medical bills and other expenses can be large and compounding. If you’ve found yourself in this type of situation after a collision with another rider, consult a dirt bike accident lawyer. Here are a few signs it’s time to tag in an attorney:

You are coming up on a claim deadline – Insurance claims adhere to strict deadlines. If you miss them, you could lose the opportunity to seek recovery. Staying updated on timelines and important dates is crucial after an accident. 

You have a ton of medical bills and expect more in the future – If you’ve been injured in an accident, you likely have a lot of bills that seem to keep showing up in your mailbox. There could be compensation available to help you pay those, as well as any expected future medical bills.

 The insurance company is trying to give you an incredibly low settlement – The insurance company’s primary goal is to give you as little compensation as possible. They will try everything they can to ensure you get a tiny sum that may not even cover half of your bills. A dirt bike accident lawyer in New Mexico can help you build a case that gets you the recovery you need.

The accident wasn’t your fault – If the accident wasn’t your fault, the other party’s insurance is responsible for the injuries you sustained.

The fault of the accident is contested – If parties involved don’t agree on fault, an attorney can help you prove liability. Even if you had some liability in the accident, you may still be entitled to a partial reward based on the percentage of fault you had in the accident.

You don’t really know what to do next – After an accident, especially when you’re injured, is a confusing and overwhelming time. If you don’t know what to do next, an attorney can assist you with the appropriate steps, as well as take a considerable amount off your plate.Another huge reason to reach out to a lawyer is that, at Impact Legal, it’s absolutely no cost to you to have an initial meeting to discuss your case. Common Dirt Bike InjuriesFrom bruises to amputations, dirt bike injuries range from minor to detrimental. Some common dirt bike accident injuries include:

Collarbone injuriesBroken anklesShould dislocationsBroken wristsBrain injuriesKnee injuries, like ACL rupturesWhile these are the most common, all accidents are different. You could walk away from an accident with a scratch or need serious medical attention and rehabilitation time. If the latter is the case for you, know you are not in this alone. We’ll help fight for you and get you the compensation you need to get on track to recover. How to Avoid a Dirt Bike AccidentSafety on a dirt bike is vital. With so many dangers, it’s important to take the appropriate precautions when operating a dirt bike. Here are some safety tips to remember when you get on your bike:

Wear a helmet and protective clothing, including goggles, boots, and riding pants.Avoid riding alone in remote areas, or let someone know where you are.Avoid paved roads. Many dirt bike accidents take place in areas not designated for off-road vehicles.Do not ride under the influence of alcohol or drugsTake courses or learn from professionals, so you know how to respond in all situations. Don’t do things you are not yet comfortable doing. If you don’t think you can make a certain jump, don’t do it. Be sure to follow New Mexico legal requirements for ATVs. Note that New Mexico considers dirt bikes off-highway motor vehicles (OHVs). When riding, adhere to the following regulations:

If operating your vehicle on public lands, riders must register their off-road vehicleDon’t operate a dirt bike on private land without the owner’s permissionDirt bikes must not make excessive noiseRiders must not damage property, including plants, the environment, or animalsRiders must not harass or hunt wildlife Dirt bikers must not disturb agricultureOperating a dirt bike under the influence of drugs or alcohol is prohibitedBreaking any of the above laws means facing penalties. Additionally, if you are injured while breaking any of these laws, it could negatively impact your case. Call Our Dirt Bike Lawyers TodayIf you’ve been hurt while riding your dirt bike or another off-road vehicle, call Impact Legal today. We’ll help you get the recovery you need to pay your medical bills, recoup any other damages, and get your health back on track. Our dirt bike accident lawyers in New Mexico are sitting on go, waiting for your text or call. Contact us at 623-343-6388, or fill out our online form for a free consultation.