In an Accident While on a City Bus? Here’s What to Know.

August 10, 2023 | By Impact Legal Car Accident Attorneys
In an Accident While on a City Bus? Here’s What to Know.

Many people rely on city buses to get them to and from important places, such as work, the grocery store, doctor appointments, etc. When daily life is interrupted by a bus accident, the effects can be lasting. In this article, we'll discuss what to do after an accident on a city bus, including potential legal options that may be available in your case. 

Swerving to avoid hitting something in the road, causing the driver to lose control of the vehicleSlamming on the brakes to avoid hitting something/someoneEngaging in distracted driving, such as speaking with a passenger or using a mobile deviceLosing consciousnessGetting hit by another vehicleHitting a pedestrian or another vehicle in the bus driver’s blindspotDefective parts or a lack of maintenance causes the bus to crash

How Bus Accident Cases Differ from Other Injury Cases

Accident claims regarding bus incidents are inherently different from other types of accident claims. Bus accidents can be more complicated than other types of accidents. Similarly, injuries sustained in bus accidents may be more severe due to several factors. Some reasons for potentially worse injuries include:

The Size of the Vehicle – Buses are considerably larger than regular cars. The average bus weighs between 25,000 and 40,000 pounds. This massive weight combined with momentum can cause catastrophic damages and injuries. 

The Shape of the Vehicle – In addition to the size of a bus, the shape of it is another factor that can make a bus wreck quite severe. A bus is top-heavy because of its shape, which makes it more likely to roll over in an accident. Roll-over accidents typically cause more injuries, especially if passengers are not restrained. 

The Design of the Vehicle – Many buses are designed for passengers to stand or sit in seats that lack seatbelts. The lack of restraint increases the number and severity of injuries when buses are involved in accidents.Another thing that makes these types of accidents unique is the potential for complexity when it comes to filing a claim. For city buses, claimants may need to file against a government entity, which can make the process tricky and the legal timelines different. In some bus accidents, such as tour bus accidents, it can be difficult to pinpoint a defendant. If you’ve directly booked the tour bus, it may be easier to identify fault in the driver or company. However, if a third party booked the bus, the third party may also be proven to hold some fault, depending on the specific facts of the case.  In terms of private bus accidents, filing a claim can also be complicated. Private buses are typically owned by sizable companies with the bank balance to hire highly skilled attorneys. These companies also typically have larger commercial insurance companies that may be more difficult to go up against. These are a few reasons it’s wise to get a skilled bus accident lawyer on your side as quickly as possible. 

What to Do Directly After a Bus Crash

After a bus crash, it’s important that you follow these steps to ensure the safety of everyone involved as well as to protect any potential case you may have down the road. 

Assess the situation to determine if anyone needs help – Check on the other parties involved in the accident. If anyone is in need of immediate medical attention, call 911. 

Ensure the authorities are called – The police will file an official accident report, which may be crucial to subsequent legal proceedings. Ensure that you stay on the scene to give a statement, if applicable. 

Collect any evidence you can while on the scene – Fully document the accident by taking pictures. Take photos of the vehicles involved, skid marks, signs, intersections, and anything else that might be helpful to have documented later. If possible, collect other witness statements and contact information, too.

Contact a Bus Accident Lawyer – As stated above, bus accidents can be complex. Having an attorney on your side will help you ensure no timelines are missed, the fault is established precisely, and you get the compensation you need.

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