Navigating the Most Dangerous Highways in Arizona

August 10, 2023 | By Impact Legal Car Accident Attorneys
Navigating the Most Dangerous Highways in Arizona

If you spend time in Arizona you have seen your fair share of accidents. According to the Arizona Department of Transportation, there are almost three fatalities every day from car accidents in the state. Equating to over 1,000 deaths each year. Motor vehicle accidents also result in over 55,000 injuries annually in The Grand Canyon State.

Which highways in Arizona are the most dangerous, and how can you avoid becoming another statistic? Let's look at those highways and some simple strategies you can use to stay safe on the roads.

Arizona's Most Dangerous Highways

We have placed these in no particular order, however, most Arizonans agree that these five should make the list:

Interstate 10: running through Phoenix and Tucson, this highway has frequently been rated as one of “America's 100 Deadliest Roadways.” Traffic is heavy as this route extends from California to Florida.

Interstate 17: this highway runs between Flagstaff and Phoenix and also regularly makes the most deadliest lists. There are many scenic vistas along I-17 with numerous elevation changes that can expose motorists to fog, ice, and snow, which are leading factors in the average of one fatality per year for every mile of this 145-mile stretch.

Interstate 40: I-40 is a major east-west highway that traverses the entire state of Arizona. This highway follows the same path as historic Route 66 and is a busy commerce corridor.

Interstate 19: Though Interstate 19 is one of the shortest highways in America at just 63 miles, it's known as one of the deadliest. It stretches from Tucson to the border of Mexico and is said to lull drivers into a false sense of security because of its innocuous appearance.

Interstate 15: This highway is the main connector from San Diego to Las Vegas and Salt Lake City, but just under 30 miles of it runs through Arizona. It is heavily traveled by truckers and tourists headed from Southern California to points north.

Stay Safe On These Highways

It never hurts to be reminded of how you and your loved ones can stay safe as you travel throughout our beautiful state. Here are four tips to help get you to your destination alive and well:

1.    Focus on driving – Countless accidents are caused every day by drivers on their phones talking or texting. Don't multitask while you're driving – give driving 100% of your attention at all times.

2.    Slow down – Not only does speeding give you less time to react, but it also increases the severity of an accident. Leave earlier if you need to so you won't have to rush and put yourself and other drivers at risk.

3.    Drive Defensively – Be aware of where other drivers around you are and what they're doing. Assume that other drivers will be making a sudden move and always be prepared to avoid it. 

4.    Practice safety – don't tailgate or stay in other drivers' blind spots. Use caution when changing lanes, and avoid driving when you're tired.

Follow these tips whenever you're driving, whether it be traveling down one of our highways or to the corner store.

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