Please Don’t Post Those Car Accident Pictures on Facebook!

August 10, 2023 | By Impact Legal Car Accident Attorneys
Please Don’t Post Those Car Accident Pictures on Facebook!

In today's times, posting to social media is second nature to many. We talk about our favorite restaurants, our morning coffee, the neighbor we wish didn't love loud music at 11 pm, and everything else. So, your first inclination after a car accident may be to tell all of your followers what happened, complete with crash pictures and personal commentary. Unfortunately, this is one of the quickest ways to ruin your car accident claim. In this post, we're going to give you a few reasons why posting about your car accident is a bad idea. 

Please do NOT post about your accident on social media. Keep that information (and your reaction) off the internet and call a car accident lawyer instead. If you need a free case review, let us know by texting or calling 602-345-1818. You may also fill out this convenient online form, and we will reach back out to you. 

Sarcasm Doesn't Really Translate on Social Media

Sarcasm doesn't translate online. In fact, a lot of emotions and intentions don't translate on social media. Your words can be easily misinterpreted and twisted, depending on the intent of the message recipient (read: insurance adjusters and opposing counsel). Here are a few social media statements that can be blown way out of proportion:

“I was in an accident today, but I'm ok.”

You're letting your friends and family know that you're ok after a car crash, but you're also letting insurance adjusters and the opposing parties know this, which means any injury claims could be reduced or completely denied. 

“Great! I got in a car accident today. How wonderful life is.”

Of course, to many readers, this is the epitome of a sarcastic post, but to an insurance adjuster, it may be confirmation that you're doing really well or even “great” after an accident. This statement may be used to negate any claim of injury or damages down the road. 

“Someone hit me at a red light today – how annoying!!”

It is annoying to be in an accident, but it's likely much more than that, too. The word “annoying” could be interpreted to mean something bothersome, yet not a huge deal. An adjuster could read this to mean that the accident caused you slight inconvenience, but you weren't seriously injured. Imagine how this interpretation can jeopardize any compensation that you may have received to facilitate your physical and financial recovery.

“I'm so sorry that I hit that lady's car today. She totally ran out in front of me, but I feel so bad!” 

Apologies imply fault and guilt. Even if you did have some level of fault in the crash and you feel bad about it, do not post or say it. Admitting fault, even inadvertently, can severely reduce or completely eliminate your settlement. 

“I got into an accident today! Why do these kinds of things always happen to me?”

An insurance adjuster can take this to mean that you drive recklessly and get into car accidents a lot, which isn't good for your case at all. If it doesn't ruin your case entirely, it could increase your chances of being identified as an at-fault driver and enlarge your percentage of fault, which will reduce your settlement. 

You're Handing Over Evidence

In addition to potentially misinterpreted statements, you are also likely handing over evidence to the adjusters and opposing parties. Imagine you've sustained minor injuries in an accident, and you're reasonably requesting compensation to pay your medical bills. Posting a photo of your subsequent beach trip could be collected as evidence to prove that you are exaggerating your injuries. Even if it isn't true that you're exaggerating, you've handed over evidentiary support, which could help falsify your insurance claim. Avoid this potential harm, and stay off social media while your claim is pending. 

There's No Removing Your Post

Say you've posted any variation of the examples above onto your social media accounts after an accident. You then find out that this was a bad idea and delete the post. You should know that something posted online can never fully be deleted. Screenshots may have saved your post. Additionally, via a permit, authorities can still access posts that have been deleted. 

Other Cautionary Tales About Social Media After an Accident

Even if you aren't directly posting about your car accident, you should be careful what you post about anything. Additionally, be careful about the images and information your friends post about you and tag you in. Imagine that you've suffered an injury in a car accident, then your friend shares a photo of you hiking up a mountain. That photo implies that you aren't severely injured, and it provides evidentiary support to potentially reduce your settlement or deny your claim. Even a simple photo of you having dinner with friends may be perceived as a cause to minimize your injuries. Try to stay away from social media amid an accident claim and set your privacy to the maximum setting. 

Get a Car Accident Lawyer in Phoenix

Accident lawyers are experienced in communicating and negotiating with insurance companies. If you've suffered injuries and damages from an accident, err on the side of caution, and consult a lawyer to help you navigate your case in order to maximize your recovery options. Don't let a social media rant or seemingly innocent statement over the phone to an insurance adjuster hurt your chances to fully recover. Call or text our car accident lawyers in Arizona or New Mexico for a free case review today. You can reach us at 602-345-1818 or fill out our online contact form here. We look forward to helping you understand your legal options and get the settlement you need and deserve.